Online Everything DiSC Certification – Workplace Specialization



Learn in-depth DiSC theory and become a better DiSC facilitator through this online certification course.

What to Expect:

– Individual online coursework, followed by weekly 1.5 Hour live online sessions.
– A personalized Everything DiSC Workplace profile completion.
– Practical experience through application of real life scenarios.
– Practice using the Everything DiSC Workplace collection of profiles, reports and guides.
– A completed final certification exam (graded activity).

We recommend this certification for facilitators who wish to expand their DiSC knowledge and begin immediate incorporation within their organization.


– Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit
– Everything DiSC Workplace Profile
– EPIC Administrator Account (the delivery system for your DiSC assessments)
– The Everything DiSC Manual
– Ongoing access to the DiSC online training center
– Reinforcement and support following your training

Additional Resources:

Certification Brochure
Certification Online Syllabus


Everything DiSC Workplace Online Certification Video: