PXT Select

Hire the right people to build a better organization and future.

What is PXT?
PXT Select is a powerful group of assessments and reports designed to select the right people for the job so organizations and people thrive. This system takes four simples steps to ensure great results: plan, assess, choose and retain. Assessments are sophisticated in their capabilities, yet simple and straightforward in their application. Vital to all important employment decisions, PXT provide critical data about people and their jobs, effectively predicting potential, productivity and performance.

Why Use PXT?

  • Simplify the Selection Process
  • Replicate Top Performers
  • Retain Your Talent
  • Decrease the Cost of Bad Hires
  • Reduce Hiring Bias
  • Cut Down on Turnover

PXT for Reports for Pre-Hire

This primary report serves as a powerful baseline tool to help you make smarter hiring decisions by displaying a candidate’s overall fit for your business.

Used to discover one candidates results, this report provides a narrative of preferred learning and communication styles of an individual.

This report compares multiple candidates correlating thinking styles and behavioral traits in graph form in relevance to the pre-existing Performance Model.

PXT for Reports for Post-Hire

Define a candidate’s leadership potential by measuring Thinking Style, Behavioral Traits and Interests in relation to these six key leadership skills: Creating a vision, Developing Strategies, Ensuring Results, Inspiring People, Being Approachable and Mentoring Others.

Used for on-boarding and team development, this report compares team results in graph and narrative form. This can be used to see how a potential candidate fits into an existing team, or to address current team dynamics.

Receive tailored advice on how to manage each one of your employees according to their individual assessment evaluations. We recommend using this report for employee development.