Have you ever said to yourself, “They seemed so perfect in the interview but they turned into a complete disaster after we hired them. I just don’t get it—I thought they’d be so good for the job.”

Employers in every industry share that experience—and it is easy to see how it happens. Job seekers submit their marketing document—known as a resume—and provide references that have already been vetted. Job seekers attend interviews intending to sell you on their strengths and hide their weaknesses.prevue-candidatereports

Unless you are a trained psychologist who can cut through the walls that are put up during the interview process, you will find yourself frustrated by experienced and charismatic applicants. It is very easy to hire likable candidates that are entirely the wrong fit for the job.

Prevue HR’s Job-Fit Assessment solves this problem by providing a clear and accurate picture of each candidate through a measurement of their general mental abilities, interests, and personality—Prevue refers to this as a “Total Person Snapshot”.

Each position is unique and requires someone with specific abilities, skills, and traits. These attributes can be identified in a Prevue Job-Fit Benchmark.

Comparing an applicant’s Total Person Snapshot against a Prevue Job-Fit Benchmark provides a great indicator of the candidate’s future success.

The result is a significant increase in identifying and hiring employees who are a good fit for the job. The right person is hired for the right job, resulting in reduced turnover costs, increased productivity, and a better bottom line.

Our assessments are sophisticated in their capabilities, yet simple and straightforward in their application. Vital to all important employment decisions, Prevue Hiring Reports provide critical data about people and their jobs, effectively predicting potential, productivity, and performance.

Prevue Job-Fit Assessments are the flagship product of the Prevue Assessments family and can be purchased as a standalone product or in conjunction with Prevue Screen used for screening initial applicants.

Integrated seamlessly with the Prevue APS Pro, Prevue Assessments can easily be administered to any or all candidates with a simple click of a button.

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